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Get Hazardous Wiring Training in Melbourne with Courses from Extend Training, the Leader EEHA Course Offerings

If you need hazardous wiring training in the Melbourne area, Extend Training is right in your neighbourhood, so give them a call. Extend Training offers a course called Hazardous Areas Electrical Design. This hazardous wiring course in the Melbourne offices of Extend Training, is engineering level training for electrical/instrumentation engineers and designers working in hazardous area facilities. The course takes 5 days to complete, and is designed for direct entry. A 3 day program is also available, and is designed for workers who have already completed Extend Training’s EEHA Installation, Maintenance and Inspection course, or its equivalent, and are looking to further their skills. The course delivers the set of nationally recognised competencies that include planning electrical wiring installations for hazardous areas with gas atmospheres, dust atmospheres or pressurisation situations, as well as designing explosion-protected electrical systems and installation for gas atmospheres, dust atmospheres or pressurisation. Visit Extend’s website to learn more about hazardous wiring courses in Melbourne.

If You Live In Melbourne, Hazardous Wiring Training Is Available From Extend Training

Extend Training offers top notch training for electrical engineers and designers who aim to improve their CV for employment at hazardous area facilities. Knowing the ins and outs of hazardous wiring is essential, especially at designated hazardous sites. The correct wiring protocols can make all the difference between a safe work environment, and a work situation that is potentially explosive. Incorrectly designed and installed wiring may create sparks or hot spots, a major problem on a hazardous work site, like an oil field or a farming grain silo. Worse yet, if the wiring is done incorrectly, and electrical safety devices just fail to deploy, easily avoided hazards can happen. Hazardous wiring protocols need to be followed.

Extend Training’s experienced staff and training personnel are precisely the people you need to train you. Whether you are moving up the ladder in the oil and gas industry, working around hydraulic fracturing sites, or working in a manufacturing environment that creates potentially explosive fibres, dust, gases, vapours or mists, Extend Training personnel can provide the hazardous wiring training in Melbourne that you are looking for.

Electrical Engineers Who Need A Hazardous Wiring Course In Melbourne Always Call Extend Training

If you’ve completed the course in Hazardous Areas Electrical Design and want even more skills related to hazardous wiring, you can move on to one of the most important tasks at a hazardous site — classifying a hazardous situation properly, in accordance with recognised standards. Extend Training’s Hazardous Area Classification course for engineers and technical managers provides 3 days of face-to-face training. This nationally recognised program is designed for engineers and technical officers involved in the classification of hazardous area facilities. It covers all the procedures for proper area classification, from first principles and by example, for both gas and vapour, and combustible dust hazard areas. Extend’s course delivers the nationally recognised competencies in classifying hazardous areas with gas and dust atmospheres.

Why People Train With Us

  • Experienced trainers
    Our trainers have collectively more than 200 years’ experience working in hazardous areas across a wide range of industries, and over 50 years’ experience teaching others.  We know our stuff.
  • Quality Course Materials
    Our course materials are written in an easy-to-read, well-organised style, ideal for reference after the course.  And the content is backed up by standards – there are no opinions, only facts.
  • Recognised Training
    Quality Training that is nationally and internationally recognised. Some people we have delivered training to..
  • Have fun!
    We love what we do, and with 200 years’ collective experience we’ve got a story or two to tell. Fun might be a bit of a stretch, but we’ll guarantee you won’t be bored on one of our courses.
  • Value for Money
    We offer some of the most competitive rates around, for the best training money can buy!

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