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Extend Training Offers EEHA Training Courses in Brisbane, to Fast-Forward Your Career in EEHA

Brisbane Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Area (EEHA) training courses are now available for electrical and instrumentation workers looking to enhance their CV and move further up the promotional ladder. Extend Training, leaders in the field of EEHA training courses in Brisbane, offers a number of options to increase your knowledge and your technical competency. Extend Training delivers courses that train you in nationally recognised competencies for the majority of tasks typically undertaken when working hazardous areas.

Extend Training’s popular course on EEHA Installation, Maintenance and Inspection provides competency-based training for electrical and instrumentation workers and engineers. In just 5 days of face-to-face training with one of Extend’s fully experienced professional trainers, you’ll acquire a set of 17 nationally recognised competencies for gas atmospheres, dust atmospheres, and pressurisation. You’ll learn how to attend to breakdowns, how to install explosion-protected equipment and wiring systems, how to maintain equipment in hazardous areas, how to conduct testing in hazardous areas, how to conduct visual inspections and how to conduct a detailed inspection of hazardous areas installations. With these competencies under your belt, you will be more employable!

Brisbane EEHA Courses Available From Extend Training, For Plant Operations And Maintenance Personnel

For plant operations and maintenance personnel, Extend Training offers an introductory course called Hazardous Areas Awareness. It is a 1-day, face-to-face training course that provides an overview of the field, for both electrical and non-electrical workers. If you currently work in a typical industrial or manufacturing facility, this EEHA introductory course is for you. First, you’ll learn hazardous area terminology — an essential if you plan to move up in the field of hazardous area work. Second, you’ll learn about the stringent requirements of relevant standards and legislation, so you understand your obligations as a potential hazardous area electrical worker. The course provides the typical requirements for working safely in facilities with hazardous areas. This is a fundamental course that orients you to the EEHA work expectations. Subsequent courses are aligned to the requirements of the relevant AS/NZS Standards and require students to access to these standards during the course. Extend trains residents of Brisbane in EEHA Courses that are perfect for your level of experience.

Extend Offers Brisbane EEHA Training Courses For Electrical / Instrumentation Engineers

Extend Training offers a course called Hazardous Areas Electrical Design for engineering level training for electrical/instrumentation engineers and designers. This is a 3-day, face-to-face training course for people who have completed the EEHA Installation, Maintenance and Inspection course, or its equivalent. You’ll be fully trained in the set of 6 nationally recognised competencies associated with this training. All training and assessment in this program is aligned to the requirements of the relevant AS/NZS Standards.

Extend Training provides EEHA Courses in Brisbane for any level of experience. If you are an electrical engineer and technical manager, take the 3-day, face-to-face training in Hazardous Area Classification. This nationally recognised program covers area classification procedures for first principles and by example, for both gas/vapour and combustible dust hazardous areas. You acquire to additional competencies required by AS/NZS Standards.

Why People Train With Us

  • Experienced trainers
    Our trainers have collectively more than 200 years’ experience working in hazardous areas across a wide range of industries, and over 50 years’ experience teaching others.  We know our stuff.
  • Quality Course Materials
    Our course materials are written in an easy-to-read, well-organised style, ideal for reference after the course.  And the content is backed up by standards – there are no opinions, only facts.
  • Recognised Training
    Quality Training that is nationally and internationally recognised. Some people we have delivered training to..
  • Have fun!
    We love what we do, and with 200 years’ collective experience we’ve got a story or two to tell. Fun might be a bit of a stretch, but we’ll guarantee you won’t be bored on one of our courses.
  • Value for Money
    We offer some of the most competitive rates around, for the best training money can buy!

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