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Take an EEHA Training Course in Brisbane to Become More Competitive In the Hazardous Area Field

Extend Training has your needs and comfort in mind with every course they offer in hazardous area training. Extend Training has an EEHA training course in Brisbane for you. Most course offerings provide needed competencies so you can move ahead in the field of Electrical Equipment for Use in Hazardous Areas (EEHA). Whether you are involved in electrical, electrical instrumentation, or electrical engineering, Extend Training has a course for you. Depending on the course you take, you may get an overview of the hazardous areas field, acquire the competency-based training for electrical and instrumentation workers and engineers, receive engineering level training for electrical/instrumentation engineers and designers, or learn area classification procedures for gas/vapour and combustible dust hazard areas. Each course beyond the introductory course meets certain nationally recognised competency levels, so you will qualify for certain specified operations upon course completion.

Extend Training’s Brisbane EEHA training Staff Offers You Their Extensive Experience

If you are considering EEHA training in Brisbane, Extend Training’s managing director Gareth Talamini and director Cris Kerrison assure you that your Extend Training experience will be excellent! Gareth, a semi-reformed electrical engineer with years of engineering experience behind him has worked on many hazardous area projects, and helps develop courses for Extend. Cris, an engineer, is one of Australia’s foremost authorities on hazardous areas and explosion protection. He and Gareth are members of Standards Australia committees, in Competencies for Working with Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Areas (P-012) and Electrical Installations for Explosive Atmospheres (EL-014), respectively. With these recognised professionals at the helm, you know your Extend EEHA course in Brisbane will be first rate!

Extend Training Has The Top Trainers In The EEHA Training In Brisbane

When you go for EEHA training course in Brisbane, you want the best. After all, we’re talking hazardous areas here! Extend’s lead trainer, Tom Darrington, has over 30 years experience in the hazardous areas electrical field, and another 10 years as a trainer. He is respected throughout the industry for his ability to transfer his knowledge effectively to a wider audience. Trainer Brett Argus is an accredited auditor for hazardous area installations in Queensland, and is very active in industry. Both trainers offer a relaxed atmosphere that promotes easy learning — a necessary climate for absorbing all those technical details!

In Brisbane, EEHA training is available for a number of different competencies. Take the Hazardous Area Awareness course as an introduction to hazardous areas terminology, and for an overview of the high-level requirements of relevant standards and legislation, in order to understand of your obligations. The training also covers typical requirements for working safely in facilities with hazardous areas. Extend’s training course in EEHA Installation, Maintenance and Inspection provides competency based training for electrical and instrumentation workers and engineers. Extend Training also offers a course in Hazardous Area Electrical Design, and a course in Hazardous Area Classification as well.

Why People Train With Us

  • Experienced trainers
    Our trainers have collectively more than 200 years’ experience working in hazardous areas across a wide range of industries, and over 50 years’ experience teaching others.  We know our stuff.
  • Quality Course Materials
    Our course materials are written in an easy-to-read, well-organised style, ideal for reference after the course.  And the content is backed up by standards – there are no opinions, only facts.
  • Recognised Training
    Quality Training that is nationally and internationally recognised. Some people we have delivered training to..
  • Have fun!
    We love what we do, and with 200 years’ collective experience we’ve got a story or two to tell. Fun might be a bit of a stretch, but we’ll guarantee you won’t be bored on one of our courses.
  • Value for Money
    We offer some of the most competitive rates around, for the best training money can buy!

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